While They Watched






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To create a feature film that challenged the status quo in North Korea. North Korea is a secretive and highly restrictive state whose people suffer under one of the world’s most oppressive regimes. We wanted to tell the story of what life is like now the regime has fallen and everybody is free.


Fatigued by the existing and constant doomsday scenarios portrayed by the news and media, audiences have been numbed to stories about North Korea. The focus has been placed on Nuclear War instead of the people ordinary people of North Korea, many of who want to defect or escape the country.


We created a hypothetical ‘What If’ feature documentary that gave the audience the power of hindsight. If we placed the film in the future looking back at this time, we could engineer lessons or suggestions that may bring about change in the hermit kingdom. We looked for brave and outspoken activists who were taking matters into their own hands and found some incredible characters.


✓ Distributed in 100 countries

✓ Translated into 13 languages.

✓ Winner of 12 awards.