Hero Arm


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To create massive sales enquiries for a new product - a bionic arm. Open Bionics wanted to storm social media and create international attention with their new age, futuristic product. The product had to be desirable for a number of targets demographics and be shown in a number of environments.


To be successful online and on social media the assets had to be designed with the audiences in mind, short, immediately engaging and contain the key messages. On social media we know we have a limited amount of time grab and hold people’s attention.


We crafted four stories around the key demographics creating a story around an Olympian, an aspiring actress, a young man and his girlfriend and a lad enjoying some drinks with his mates down the pub.




✓ Suite of videos and photography created.

✓ £1,700,000 worth of enquiries generated.

✓ 929% increase in comments.

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