#NotAlone Campaign









Raise in annual donations

Increase in reach

Increase in email open rate


Marmalade Trust runs a Christmas campaign to tackle loneliness. They wanted more engagement with their brand, more volunteers and more donations to keep their company open and to grow in line with their ambitions. They also wanted to change the stigma around loneliness.


Audiences and the general public perceived the Marmalade Trust to be for elderly people when in fact they run initiatives for all ages and anyone who is feeling lonely. If we could relate the issue of loneliness to people of all ages we could encourage more people to reach out.


Tusko headed a digital marketing campaign supported by Huggg, WorkBrands and B247. We created a 3-month campaign with video and photography across social platforms and print media. We used a three-pronged strategy for the content, which ensured maximum engagement and drive to both their website and donation page.


✓ Created the most the popular video ever made for company.

✓ Established the #NotAlone hashtag.

✓ Raised annual donations by 13%

✓ Increase in reach by 208%

✓ Email open rate increased by 17%