Talking LGBT+


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Our brief was to tell the story of the LGBT+ community in Bristol over the last 100 years. A mammoth task in identifying the milestones, movements and shifting political and sociological landscape that both oppressed and challenged the freedom of expression of people in Bristol and across the world.


The ‘last 100 years’ meant we wanted to work closely with the archives office that would have lots of information, pointers and archive. We wanted to work closely with the LGBT+ community to find out who lived through these some of these decades and ask them where they thought we were now as a society.


We decided to cast two contributors from each decade, sourced music of the different eras and watched hundreds of hours of archive to find the right clips to illustrate what they were narrating. Working closely with leading organisations in the LGBT+ community, including Pride, we tied the footage to key movements, which gave the film pace, energy, and an irresistible allure to audiences.




✓ Distributed regionally.

✓ Screened at Watershed, the Arnolfini and Millennium square for Pride.

✓ 950,000 social media impressions.

✓ Made the news on BBC Points West.