Clubfoot Aware



To inform and reassure families effected by talipes, otherwise known as clubfoot, and help position Steps charity as the best recourse in the UK for advice on lower limb conditions.

This is part of a larger project to move the charity away from printed booklets as their main advisory recourse, over to a complete video suite to help families through the various conditions that the charity tackles.


Steps charity are at the centre of so many heart warming stories where children and families alike overcome extreme adversity.

These families struggle for many years through diagnosis and treatment, so need a reliable recourse where they can get expert advice, gain access to a community of other families going through similar struggles, but most importantly, understand that they’re not alone.


Drawing upon our many years of experience in documentary filmmaking we followed the story of a single family and their journey, filming with them at key moments during treatment over a year.

We also incorporated interviews with world leading medical experts to make the films as informative as they were heartfelt.



The Steps Facebook page was averaging around 30 minutes of video viewed per week until the release of our video content for this project which brought the average up to over 6000 minutes viewed.

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