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Mean average increase in engagement on LinkedIn




Explaining a complex investment model (SITR) to an audience in an interesting and engaging way. Bridging the gap between financial investment, social enterprise and real world impact. Starting with the North West, Resonance’s wanted us to unify their regional efforts with their national initiatives, showing how Resonance’s investments are ‘dismantling poverty. We were asked to create a host of videos and photography to explain how this investment works and tell the story of the social enterprises.


Resonance are involved in so many incredible projects in the North West, we wanted to select a range that would show the diversity of the investments and the impact on the different social groups. Also, each geographical area is rich in history and traditional which would enable us to show their character if we invested some time in collecting images of the areas. Understanding how SITR worked and how all parties worked together would be key.


In classic Tusko style we distilled the complex information into digestible content while telling the story of each social enterprise and their growth through social investment. Finding fun and innovative ways to weave the characters journeys together created a unity to Resonance’s work across the North West. We created a host of social content to draw more people to Resonance’s good work.


✓ 10-40% increase in likes across all content on LinkedIn

✓ 25% mean average increase in engagement on LinkedIn

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