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Bristol 24/7’s is a media company whose print publication is read by over half the population of Bristol. With this much reach, they weren’t seeing the level of online engagement they were expecting or wanted. They wanted more people talking and sharing about the issues they felt strongly about. What they really wanted was a stronger relationship with their readers online.


Bristol 24/7’s brand had great potential. They had a huge following and fantastic written content. Being a news and culture magazine that wanted to make an impact online, the visual and video content needed to be short, engaging and fun. Importantly it needed to represent and speak to the population of Bristol, so that people felt it was for them.


By including a diverse range of ages, ethnicities and identities that were asked to give an honest opinion of the city they live in, a campaign was created that both amuses and engages the audience. By asking to give an account of the ‘good, bad and the ugly’ of Bristol, the films inspire truthfulness, transparency and bravery. The films were placed on the homepage and cut into social media versions to penetrate the conversation.


✓ Established a look and feel for future content.

✓ Made the company feel inclusive and representative.

✓ Entrenched values of independent and honest journalism.

✓ Created a strong entry point into the brand.

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