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1 million views and counting

We were offered the chance of a lifetime: to tell the stories of the American women serving life sentences for crimes they didn’t commit, and those stories have now been heard over 1 million times.


Last year, we packed up our cameras, grabbed our passports and flew to Muncy State maximum security prison in Pennsylvania, USA.

We were heading to interview several women serving Life Without Parole.

According to Pennsylvania law, you receive this mandatory sentence if convicted of first- or second-degree murder, even if you were present but are not accused of carrying out the actual crime.

The film has been received incredibly well, hitting combined views on YouTube and Facebook of over 1.5 million; a milestone that we’re thrilled to have reached.

Watch the film here:

Tusko CEO Jake said, “We were really happy to produce the film in partnership with Little Dot Studios and the Real Stories YouTube channel. Access to this American women’s prison was unprecedented for a UK production company, and we feel like it’s a pretty awesome exclusive for Tusko and for Bristol.”


At Tusko, we pride ourselves on being open minded, and that informs the way we share these unique stories. The film runs at 20 minutes and features animated ‘flashback’ sequences to recreate the pivotal moments that have defined these women’s lives.

For us, making films is all about getting people talking. Content has to be, above all else, engaging - it’s the key purpose behind why we make what we make.

Dying Out Loud has really resonated with viewers, who have left over 1,000 comments on the film’s YouTube page.

Comments such as, “I knew these women. They are wonderful woman. I have had beautiful conversations with them. They taught me so much. I wish more people knew about them. They told me to keep moving and that I am not my charge. It doesn't define me, how I live my life defines me.”  (Cynthia McKee)

Here are some of our favourite comments below:

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