Talking LGBT+ Bristol

Talking LGBT+ is a 30 minute documentary that gives a voice to often-marginalised and persecuted communities.

Attitudes towards the LGBTQ+ movement have shifted dramatically in recent history - but in 2018, there’s still a way to go.

Looking back through the decades, we’re reminded that there has always been resistance to diversity. Looking through the lens of Bristolians to the first recorded ‘gay venue’ in Bristol we look at how the city and nation have changed, and what caused it.

Hearing moving and compelling stories from the community tells us it’s possible to continue moving forward to create a more inclusive and understanding future for us all.


With hate crime amongst this section of the community worryingly high it’s important we help shape opinions and support diversity.

This film was produced by Tusko Films, Bristol 24/7 and funded by the Heritage Lottery.

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