Digital trends for charities


Different ways to increase engagement in the charity sector

83% charities now have the ability to donate through their website.
Neglecting this powerful tool could ultimately mean that charities are unable to secure the funds that could be available to them. 

Why use digital?

In the charity sector, it has been reported that players in the industry are ‘stuck’ using traditional methods of advertising and are neglecting digital. The Drum reported that in the industry, more than half of its ad budget on direct mail, which accounted for 56.4% of the sectors spend in 2016.

Improving your browsing device functionality, investing in social media, using video content and also using platforms such as JustGiving and good old-fashioned email marketing which, despite recent data changes and GDPR, remains one of the top ways to engage with people interested in your brand. With a firm digital strategy, the money raised can be used to help the people your charity engages with and supports. 

Browsing Device

According to a recent article from The Guardian, mobile web browsing is more popular than its PC counterpart. In order to stay on the top that comes into your website, it is important to ensure that your site is mobile friendly so that people who are interested in your charity can clearly find the relevant information that they need.

It was reported that charities missed out on 1.5 billion worth of donations last year due to the bounce rate on their mobile sites. It’s assumed that the charities haven’t optimised their sites for mobile viewing, impacting the customer experience and making the customer leave their site.

Video Content

It has been reported that 72% of consumers prefer videos to text marketing. Film is a powerful medium that, if done well, can convey a complex and powerful message to an audience. Style is very important when creating engaging content. Conveying a tone and style that is entertaining by using interview techniques, camera movement, music choice and editing all help to create more engaging content. 

Our work with the Marmalade Trust and Resonance showed that by using visual storytelling, donations and investments can be raised in order to have a social impact and to tackle issues such as loneliness and poverty.


Social Media

A social media presence is imperative for any non-profit organisation looking to drive donations through their content with the use of digital marketing tactics. 79% of charities overall said they have seen social media as a successful channel for fundraising in the past year.

By telling a story that is in line with your charities values, you can get fantastic results from your marketing campaign. By identifying who the main supporters of your cause are likely to be or are, focus your attentions of the types of social media and areas of the internet that your target audience are most likely to be found.

Donations are at the heart of non-profit and charity organisations. Donations fund the fantastic work these organisations carry out, which means marketing is at the top of any non-profits priority list. Utilising digital marketing tactics to boost donations is an invaluable tool which cannot be overlooked in a modern and highly digital world. With so much white noise, polluted social feeds and saturated media space these tips should help you breakthrough through and get your charity heard.

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