Dying Out Loud


Views in first week of release:





Enable audiences to hear the point of view of  ‘lifers’.
We had to understand the ‘Felony Murder Law’ and understand the women’s roles in crimes they were serving for which they were serving ‘Life Without Parole’. We had to present this case to the audience so they could make a call on if they thought the women’s crimes were fair.


People need to emphasise with the women in order to begin to see them as people worth listening to and people they could like. The audience needs to connect with the women quickly and to listen to their stories.


By utilising the emotional impact of the song ‘This is Not My Home’ we were able to humanise the women. The emotion the audiences feel for the women works against their internal bias. We produced a 20-minute documentary that tells the story of women and injustice in modern America.




✓ Seen by 2 million people in a week.

✓ 1,500 comments on YouTube.

✓ Screened at Philly City Hall and Muncy Prison.

✓ Distributed through the RealStories channel.

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