Social media videos are no longer the elephant in the room.


We make exciting and informative films that engage your audiences

At our Bristol based offices, Tusko Films specialise in social media videos and marketing.
We are rated as a film and video production company that make stand out content that engages audiences. Let us tell your story.

Our process is simple. After finding out more about you and how we can help with this short form, there are four stages we can help you with.




Services Needed?




In this first stage we want to learn about what type of videos would best suit you and your customers. Audience demographic and their needs and wants are very important to us. This will influence both the content we create and the strategy we use to reach them. We’ll talk to you about what best suits you and your story in this stage. We’ll design a shoot and engagement campaign around this.


We’ll complete the filming and editing of your video. The production may include observational footage, testimonials, specialist camera equipment such as drones, we might even use an animated film if that best achieves your aims. Our award-winning content producers and directors have lots of experience working with contributors and filming in various styles to achieve the best results for your video. The video will be optimised for social media use on a number of platforms for you to begin reaching your customers. 


Vitally important is not only making great videos and content, but reaching your audience and customers. Successfully activating your video on social media using our marketing campaigns, video seeding, optimised outreach methods and connecting to your customers using paid, earned and owned media. 


We will provide you with an easy to use engagement guide that will give tips for increasing your effectiveness connecting with your customers.
We understand that return on investment can be top of your list. We are very interested in how well the content is working, how many people it has reached and how many times it has been viewed. We provide a digestible analytic pack with results of your campaign and ideas on how best to make use of this information moving forward.



Remember to get in touch and let us know how we can help.
We make it simple. Create great content and share it with your audience.
This isn't a one size fits all model. We are happy to talk to you which ever stage you are at right now.



If you are looking for help in any of these areas, please take a moment to fill in our short form.

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