Welcome to Tusko Films. 

We offer video content and video marketing.

Video is simply the most effective way to reach people on social media and we do it well.

Our in house video production services and social media marketing team offer solutions to enable you to effectively reach who you need to online.

It’s one thing making a great video it’s another to get it seen – we do both.

  • Video is simply the most cost effective way to have an impact, amplify your message, target your audience and share your message.
  • Real traction comes with your audience connecting with your message.
  • Working with clients to understand their message and their audience we’ve enhanced content performance whilst helping to make video and marketing budget more efficient.

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Services Needed?

What we do in more detail...

Film / Video

All of our video content is designed to create an action and feeling for your audience. We do this by telling your story and communicating your message with these in mind. Here are some of the things that we think about and specialise in.

  • Content is king. The key to great content is - great content. Story telling is a key part of the process.
  • Social media optimised enables it to be easily shared, which amplifies your message.

We offer a spectrum that spans from testimonials videos through to branded content and commercials. We understand at different times you’ll need different types of videos from always on content with a fast turnaround or stylish cinematic commercials or a longer social media video campaign. A constant in our spectrum is client satisfaction.  

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Video Marketing

We are specialists in social media video marketing.
Video marketing is key to your videos success and therefore your marketing goals.
You may be looking for help to create video content or may have some ineffective content that you need help with. We offer a full package of creating video to meet your needs and then connecting to the market place.

  • Social media videos potential to be shared, viewed and engaged.
  • Attention grabbing and engaging copy to accompany your video.
  • Specialist knowledge of audience viewing habits.
  • Specialist knowledge of social media platforms workings, including B2B and B2C.

We offer a range of ways to engage with the market place. By using the content we create to best affect we place you into the digital conversation at the best time and in the best way with the best ROI. Our last two social media videos had a combined reach over 1.3 million that shows we know engagement. Depending on your marketing objective and spend we can tailor your campaign for maximum impact.

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