Tusko Films is an award winning film and video Production Company based in Bristol and London.

At Tusko we love telling stories, our story began when our co-founders met on a film course.  Jake had a social interest, political and film training while Dan had technical and composition experience.  Their stories were similar and they wanted to make the same films for the same reasons. Together they built Tusko Films from the ground up. 

“We can understand the struggle of being a start-up. When we were starting out with our films, and in business, we had to use our imagination where other companies may of used cash. We didn’t have money at the start, but always had lots of ideas.” – Jake Smith.

“With the development of social media networks we realised video could make a big impact if used in the right way, at the right time and on the right platform. Start-ups need the biggest bang for their buck and video content marketed on social media is having the biggest impact in the modern age.” – Dan Grixti.

We combine storytelling ability, understanding the client brief, the output channels and audience. We learnt this through producing our own documentaries and distributing them around the world.


This meant we could apply these lessons to help businesses and companies use video to engage with their audiences. Now we design compelling brand videos, testimonials and social media videos for clients, and then either push them out on social media or advise how best to do that.

We understand engagement – our social media videos last year had over 1 millions views. Making great films is one thing, getting them seen is another - both are needed to have an impact.
We specialise in connecting businesses to their audience through making compelling video content. With many years experience creating short and long form documentary, as well as narrative and corporate content, we have the skills and knowledge to make you powerful, standout video content on a budget.

Whether its social media, email marketing, B2B, B2C, fundraising videos or investor videos, brand videos and testimonials videos, we want to connect you with the people who need to hear your story. 
If you are interested in creating any kind of video for your business, or want to enhance your outreach with top quality video marketing such as social media videos, drop us an email with your name and number and we’ll call you to have a no obligation chat.